Dushanbe Hotels

Rohat Chaikhana

Chaikhana, the name of which translates as a tea house is the most attended place in Central Asia. In Dushanbe, you can visit a well-known chaikhana that has already become one of the city`s attractions; this is a teahouse Rohat. It was built in Soviet times, in 1958 and consists of two floors, its walls decorated with national ornament. Mainly, most people are going to teahouses for tea-drinking and communication. They also come to hear the latest news, discuss them with friends and acquaintances. In Tajikistan, as indeed, in all Central Asian Counties teahouse is a cultural and social center. In the past, local people met with travelers, merchants and scientists in teahouses, and from them they got to know with the latest news about life in other countries. In teahouse Rohat sitting on a dastarkhan you can taste Tajik national dishes like chak-chak, quench the thirst with the most popular drink in these places - green tea, feel Tajik colour and pleasant atmosphere.